Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Photo session with UWKS Punya Photography

This is the first seasson photographers take pictures for the hell wrote UWKS scope,

The first seasson hunting location in the lobby of Building A UWK Surabaya.

hmmm its promotional spot,i think  not too bad for taken here. xoxo. ..

This location taken at behind technical building of Wijaya Kusuma University.
i think ordinary but after i know the result hmmmm so great !!

Fabulous shoot !!

Let's Check it out :

Photo session has located at my college 
wijaya kusuma University Surabaya - Indonesia
concept : casual and simple
what i wear : brown jacket,leopard flat shoes
scarft,white tess,and blue jeans
also my lovely watch casio.
thanks to their creation by ; Lima Kosongmili Photography,dikaPhotography,wibiePhotography and many more.

i love my outfit so much xoxo !!!

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