Jumat, 30 Desember 2011

Rain Over Me

Please Don't Stop The Rain

I like rainy seasson with the stunning water like a waterfall. .

blue umbrella look so gorgeous!!

with the water . .

before the rain look a lighter.

 yeah. .

 just for fun with a white umbrella !!

 wow wow wow

This session has been taken one of the park in Surabaya. I called please dont stop the rain because the rain fall over me haha.This's a first time to me have a session in the rain. Finally has done for this seasson,and i called it " Rain Over Me ",thanks to god for the precious time and for wibiePhotography and friends for their creation. xoxo !!!

Theme : Play with a white umbrella
What i wear : vintage dress,floral jacket,brown oxford heels,black and white bracelet and etc . .

Properties : White and blue polkadot umbrella
Location : Korea Park Surabaya
Photographer : wibiePhotoghrphy and friends

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