Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Thank's God it's Friday !!!!

 Twenty seven: from the left corner dwitha, lunna, vita, opie, and the most right it's me(Sintia). It was the second birthday of my friend vita and opie are celebrated together, there is one more person who can not attend, hmmm but it's doesn't matter can still be gathered again, because of busy activities of their various lectures since sitting in their university.

THANK'S GOD IT'S FRIDAY !!! xoxo. . . 

Twenty seven: Surely if we've be together - gathering like this not going to forget her name at the camera, starting from the left corner right corner everything will be narsismnt time haha.

simple but so stunning!

Kamera Rolling Acction >> 1,2,3 Jeprettt !!!!

 Snap - snap to use the opie's webcam when it's time to sing a song . really even on the action here -_-

 really scared far from camera.
we always ready to snap snap time. 

THANKS'S GOD IT'S FRIDAY !!! xoxo . . .

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